How it works

How it works

How we work? Good Question!

We know that you must be eager to know about how we help you with programming help services.

Well , our process is quite simple as our motto is to offer you services trouble-free so that you can get your programming homework done easily.

Below mentioned are the steps to get your programming homework done hassle free.

Step 1: Get a free quote for your Programming Assignment/ Submit your Homework

The first and the foremost step is to fill the contact form and mention all the required details. If you’ll provide us more information it would be ultimately be better for us both. as it would be easier for our experts to meet your expectations.

You can also send us your details to our email But we strong recommend to fill the form as it would be more effective.

Step 2: Evaluating Assignment and Receive a Price Quote

After submitting you required details , our project manager would then share the details with our experts. After evaluating and analyzing the requirements on the basis of deadline and difficulty , they give their price quote.

Our project manager picks the best experts who is suitable for the assignment and we make sure that we offer you genuine and affordable price quote

Step 3: Confirming the Order by Paying 50% Upfront and Then We Would Begin your Work

After receiving the price quote , and after confirming the price quote you need to pay 50% in advance to book the specialist.

We accept payment through PayPal and Zelle. This method is safe and reliable and, Furthermore, it’s easy to use.

As soon as we receive your payments , our experts would then start working with your project

Step 4: Track your Progress

You may track your progress by remaining in touch with our experts through WhatsApp and Email. Immediately after completing your project , we present you a demo through a video or a screenshot.

Step 5: Payment and Get the Solution

If you are not completely satisfied with the results after the demo you may ask us to alter the formatting and results and if you are satisfied you can make the rest of the payment.

Immediately after the payment is made we’ll deliver you the homework along with instruction to run the code.

Step 6: Customization and Modification

It’s your responsibility to go through the solutions and check it carefully. If there’s any issue with the solutions we are ready to rectify as many time you want until you are completely satisfied.

How it works at CodingDeputy


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