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Android has brought a great change to the world. Not to mention, it is a very interesting topic this is why most students like to learn about it. Furthermore, the exciting features of the Android App encourage students to apply for this course. This is when they require Android Assignment help.

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Android Assignment Help


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In the last few years, Android has gained huge importance. This is because of the fact that Android is a very easy operating system that works on various digital devices. 

This open-source operating system is based on Linux. The code for Android is written in the Java programming language. 

At Coding Deputy, we offer an Android Software Development kit also. It consists of:

  • Source code
  • Emulator
  • Required libraries
  • Development Tools

But hold on! Before getting into details, do you know what an Android app means in the real world?

Let us answer for you.

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What is Android? Why it is so popular across the world?

Let’s begin!

Android is a system that is used on mobile devices.  In other words, it is the operating system with the green robot logo. 

Presently, the operating system is designed for the use of smartphones, notebooks, tablets, Smart Watches, TVs, etc. In general, there are three types of Android applications namely:

  • Native Apps

These apps are application programs. In fact, they are developed to be used on a specific platform. These smartphone applications are coded in a particular programming language.

  • Hybrid App

These apps are for all platforms, used together with React, Xamarin, Native, Ionic, etc.

  • Web Apps

These apps are the responsive version of the website that can be used on any mobile device.

However, it is important to realize that popular android programming has problems too. It has its share of difficulties. 

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But how do we do it? How can we offer expert assistance?

The answer to this is our expert programmers and developers. Our industry-best programmers understand all the problems in managing an Android project.

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Note:  At Coding Deputy, the major part of our Android assignment help comes from our experience in Linux.

Do you want to know how Coding Deputy helps? What does it offer?

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What kind of Android Assignment Help Coding Deputy Provides?

Usually, the Android project help is very important for students studying Computer Science. Thanks to our expert developers, students can get all kinds of guidance and assistance.

In addition, our team of Android writers includes professionals from different universities. They know the operating system completely. As a result, more than 2000 students have used our writing services that include:

  • Report and Thesis 

There is multiple software in the Android software libraries. With Android systems, it is possible to use C and C++ libraries. These software libraries help developers to complete projects very easily.

With the help of Coding Deputy Android assignment help, students get all the help needed. In fact, they can write a thesis, dissertations, reports, etc., on Android.

  • Help with topics in Android

There are several websites available online. However, only a few websites offer help with Android topics.

Here is the list of the topics we help students to understand:

  • Testing with assert assertions
  • Android Google map
  • Android resource selectors
  • Networking for Android
  • RXJava in Android 
  • Android market troubleshooting

Still, need more?  

Here are the Android assignment help services we provide at Coding Deputy:

  • Online Database (Google Firebase)
  • Google API’s
  • Animations
  • Offline Database, using SQLite and Realm 
  • Custom Animations for stunning UX
  • Custom Backend Using Firebase
  • Online User Authentication (Email, Gmail, Facebook, etc.)
  • Offline Databases 
  • Android Services
  • Social Networks Authentication
  • API Based Applications
  • Locations-Based Apps using Google maps and location services
  • Firebase Analytics Integration
  • Video and Audio-Based Applications, etc.      

Let’s move on to the segments where we provide Android programming help.

Here we go.

Android Assignment Help

What Segments do we cover under our Android Programming Help at Coding Deputy? 

Are you weak in some topics? Do you need help with specific Android topics?


Here are the lists of the segments we help students to understand with our programming help services. Read on:

  • Location
  • Media
  • Images
  • Style attribute
  • Lists
  • Composite
  • Maps
  • Pop-up
  • Files access
  • List View
  • List Activity
  • Customization of the List view
  • Animation
  • Notifications
  • Threads
  • XML & JSON parsing
  • Publishing of application
  • HTTP Client
  • Asyn Task
  • Handlers
  • Runnable
  • SDK
  • Eclipse
  • Resources
  • Assets
  • Java
  • Activity Life Cycle
  • Activities
  • Notifications
  • Form widgets
  • Layouts
  • Log- cat
  • Text fields
  • Files access
  • Menus
  • Toast
  • Localization
  • Context Menu
  • Options menu
  • Sub Menu
  • Shared preferences
  • Alert Dialogs
  • Date & Time
  • Android Emulator
  • Emulator Shortcuts
  • Editing emulator settings
  • Launching the emulators
  • Parameters on Intents
  • Explicit Intents
  • Implicit Intents
  • Layouts/ Drawable Resources
  • Theme application via code
  • Theme application through the manifest file
  • SQLite- SQLite Database, SQLite Open Helper, SQLite Programming
  • GPS based services
  • Base Adapters and Array Adapters
  • Use of adapters for Grid View and Gallery
  • Network Communication/ connectivity issues
  • Other Web services

Is there any particular segment you are looking for? Is it not available on the list? 

Don’t take any tension. We are here for you. Our Android programming help includes several aspects that may not be mentioned here.

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At Coding Deputy, we make sure not to charge a lot. We understand that you are just a student. Hence, you will not have a very big budget. That is why we offer affordable Android programming help at very low rates. If you want, you can compare our prices with others. 

  • Additional Support and Revisions

We do not just give your assignment and forget you. No! Even after everything is complete, we provide additional support and revision if required. That is not all.

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Like other websites, we do not keep you in dark about the developer assigned to you. Instead, we make sure you can talk to the developer directly.  We also make sure you can reach out to the developer in case of any problem or confusion.

  • Support in Project Testing

We help students to develop the project. Also, we help such students to test the environment. For this reason, we help them to build the right testing environment.

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Q1. How long will it take to complete my Android assignment online?

Ans: At Coding Deputy, we deliver your assignment before the deadline given. This helps students to check their assignments and request changes if needed.

Q2: How can Android Assignment Help boost my grades?

Ans: This service can help you to boost your grades significantly. At Coding Deputy, our developers deliver the best solutions after complete research for your queries. As a result, your grades and knowledge both will increase.

Q3: How to select the best Android Programming Help? 

Ans: When you are looking for reliable and good Android assignment help, keep a few things in mind. Always go for services that have quality-programming developers. Not to mention, such developers should have a good track record with great results.

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