React Native UI Libraries

Top React Native UI Libraries in 2022

In this article, we’ll talk about React Native UI Libraries in 2022.

React Native enables you to create your UI using isolated components, much like React itself does. Component libraries and UI toolkits enable you to construct applications more quickly and with less effort.

With an abundance of possibilities, selecting a specific library for a new React Native project can be challenging.

Don’t worry! In this article, we will be talking about the best 5 React Native UI Libraries. It will help you start your journey smoothly. 

However, before we do that, let’s first talk a little bit about React Native Libraries.

React Native UI Libraries

What is React Native? Learn More About React Native.

React Native has been providing us with the best collection of UI components. It also provides us with animation frameworks with a dynamic declarative API. The community is expanding with more fresh elements and libraries. This is to assist you in customizing and handling UI resources during all phases of developing mobile apps.

Facebook introduced React Native, one of the most well-known Cross-Platform tools. It was developed for creating mobile apps, and now it has the most vibrant developers’ communities. It’s expected that React-Native is gaining more power in the community every day. The increased popularity of React and the growth of native mobile app development.

React Native Libraries: Know more about UI Libraries

Facebook, created and manages this app development framework in 2015. So that the React Native developers can create cross-platform apps with a native look and feel.

Since then, it has been gaining popularity among developers and businesses everywhere. It is because of its simplicity, extensive feature set, amazing capabilities, better UI/UX, robust community, etc.

React Native now offers a wide variety of UI components and modules. This speeds up app development and eases developers’ tasks. You can incorporate a variety of extremely helpful components from the libraries. This creates a stunning user interface for your web or mobile application.

Top React Native UI Libraries

React Native Elements

It is the first library that pops up when the developers talk about React Native. This UI build kit gives developers precise control over the component structure. This is a cross-platform UI component library that is easier to customize. 

So, you have complete control over the app design. Since you won’t have to keep writing the same code, it can also save you a ton of time. Therefore, you’ll be able to create a striking app with simple-to-use functionality very quickly.

React Native Elements’ primary goal is to provide developers with a ready-made kit. This kit contains a reliable API and an appealing look and feel. It also aims to provide an all-inclusive UI kit for building React Native apps.


This UI library has been around since the beginning of React Native. NativeBase offers a wide variety of production-ready UI components. In addition to basic support, they offer pre-configuration for beneficial functionalities.

It is the ideal place to start developing aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly apps. You can use the supported themes and purchased templates to cut down on development time. Additionally, it offers adjustable elements. You can combine it with additional functionality, creating a unified interface is simple and quick.

With NativeBase, you can use any native third-party libraries right out of the box. The project is surrounded by a robust ecosystem. It includes handy beginning kits and theme templates that are completely customizable.

React Native UI Kitten

This UI component library is based on the Eva Design System. It has over 480 icons and lets you make your themes. Additionally, you can modify or use two built-in graphic themes.

If you’re working on worldwide projects, then UI Kitten is one of the few libraries that is compatible with the right-to-left coding style. Additionally, it helps in web creation.

Style classes and business logic are kept apart in this package. UI elements are also kept similarly.

This method is the same as CSS in that style definitions are not included with the source code. React Native UI Kitten offers elements that are simple to customize. The Eva Design System improves the design and development process’ consistency and scalability.

It includes several universal UI elements with a similar design. The themes can be changed while the application is running, eliminating the need to refresh it.

React Native Gifted Chat

React Native Gifted Chat is the whole chat UI solution for your application. It has adjustable elements, multiline text input, avatars, attachment possibilities, etc.

If you are looking for a complete chat UI library for your React Native Framework? Simply choose React Native Gifted Chat. It is a popular component of many apps. This feature is simpler to use with React Native Gifted Chat. It also supports Redux.

This library provides a variety of customizable elements. TypeScript is used for all of the components. These aspects include the ability to click on links, copy messages to the clipboard, load earlier messages, and enhance bot capabilities.

Bit for React Native

A Bit is a tool for building component-driven programs. Systems that are simpler to comprehend, construct more quickly, collaborate on, and maintain benefit from this toolchain.

You can use Bit in your project to track items and export them to This makes every component available and useable for additional projects. React Native Developers can create and maintain.

They can create as many apps as they require. Additionally, users can change the functionality of apps by removing or adding components. With Bit, they can make modifications without having to set up a development environment.


So, which React Native UI Library do you consider to be the best?

The answer to this question satisfies your software and company needs.

The community actively develops and maintains each of the React Native UI libraries I’ve discussed in this article. React Native frameworks have been available to save your time. Any of these options would work as long as you know what you want from your UI design.

The goal is to work with talented React Native developers to make an app that meets the needs of your users.

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