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Frontend vs Backend Development: All That You Need To Know

You might have heard terms like frontend and backend development from the developers around you. Have you ever gotten curious as to what they mean? Today, we will tell you about Frontend vs Backend Development: All that you need to know!

Frontend vs Backend Development: All That You Need To Know


So, what is frontend and backend development? Do you want to know what is frontend vs backend development?

We are here to help you out!

Before getting into what is frontend vs backend development, let us get to know what they associate with.

Well, Frontend and Backend development are two broad types of website development.

Curious about Website Development? Read more to know..

Website development is a way of building and maintaining websites or web applications. It involves technical aspects such as programming and scripting for developing a website.

Have you ever thought of choosing web development as your career? Are you passionate about creating amazing websites?

This post is for you!

So, now that you have decided to lean towards web development, what’s next? How do you proceed? What programming languages should you focus on?

Are you wondering about all these questions? Well, the answer has to do with what web development role you choose.

To assist you with choosing your web development role, we are here with ‘Frontend vs Backend Development: All that you need to know!’

So now that we know that Frontend and Backend development are associated with web development, let us take a moment to explore more about it.

In this post titled ‘Frontend vs Backend Development: All that you need to know,’ we are going to break down what is frontend and backend development for you.

We will help you understand ‘what is frontend vs backend development’ and give you clarity about what role you would like to go forward with.

So, without any delay, let us start exploring Frontend vs Backend Development: All that you need to know! 

What is Frontend and Backend Development?

To make it easier for you to understand what is fronted and backend development, let us take the help of an interesting example.

Imagine that you are seeing a theatre performance. Try to think about what can you observe on the stage?

The props, the actors, and all the little elements help you connect and engage with the performance.

But that’s not it!

Now, try to think about what can be happening behind the curtain?

Can you picture the crew working backstage with the props and other elements that the play requires to be a hit?

You might be wondering how does this connects to Frontend vs Backend Development.

So, let us put this in the form of a question.

What is Frontend Development?

In the theatre performance example, the unfolding of the plot, the actors, and the stage layout make up the visuals the user can see. You can say that all these make up the ‘front end of the performance.

Let us simplify this. Just like the elements on the stage make up the visuals for the play, Frontend Development determines how your website or web application looks.

It includes all the elements that the users can see on their devices when they visit your website.

From navigation and buttons to animation and layout, implementation of all that you see when you visit a website is done by using frontend development.

Frontend developers use programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make the features and elements functional and interactive.

What is Backend Development?

Let us look back at the example of the theatre performance we used earlier. But this time, let us focus on what is happening backstage!

Although the audience can see the elements on the stage, a lot of activity also occurs behind the stage.

Let us say that everything that is happening behind the stage during the performance to help it go swiftly, makes up the back end of the play.

Similarly, in web development, backend development is responsible for whatever is not visible to the user.

A website’s backend is often regarded as the “server-side.” It includes all that which makes the website and the server communicate.

Backend development is used for handling the website server and database. It acts as a storage center for the website.

Java and Ruby on Rails are two of the most widely used backend programming languages.

Now that we have an idea of what is frontend and backend development, let us take another step forward.

The next step in ‘Frontend vs Backend Development: All that you need to know,’ is to know what are the roles and skills of a frontend and a backend developer.

So, let’s find out!

What is needed to become a Frontend developer?

Let’s discuss what are the major responsibilities of a frontend developer.

The roles and responsibilities of a frontend developer are:

  1. Build website elements like buttons, graphics, and navigation 
  2. Develop and maintain UI
  3. Indulge in good SEO 
  4. Create reliable and reusable codes 
  5. Enhance the User Experience

Well, those were the roles a frontend developer needs to fulfill. But, what are the skills of a frontend developer? 

A frontend developer should possess these 5 important skills:

  1. Proficiency in programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  2. Have knowledge and experience of graphic designing tools like Figma and Adobe Illustrator.
  3. Have adequate problem-solving skills
  4. Be well-versed with code editing tools and IDEs like Visual Studio
  5. Know how to create responsive designs

What is needed to be a Backend developer?

Since we discussed the roles and skills of a frontend developer, how can we not talk about the same for backend developers?

The roles and responsibilities of a backend developer are:

  1. Debug, troubleshoot, and test
  2. Manage the server and database
  3. Create high-quality codes and programs
  4. Build and maintain web apps
  5. Manage host environments

Let us now talk about the skills of a backend developer.

A backend developer should possess these 5 skills:

  1. Proficiency in Java, Ruby, PHP, and other scripting languages
  2. Experience with database management systems like SQL and Oracle
  3. Have excellent problem-solving and debugging skills
  4. Have the right experience and knowledge of frameworks like Ruby and Django
  5. Knowledge about web servers

In addition to the above-mentioned hard skills, both frontend and backend developers should have soft skills like communication, team- contribution, management, and people skills.

Since we are discussing ‘Frontend vs Backend Development: All that you need to know,’ how can we not talk about money?

Frontend vs Backend Development: Which brings more cash?

Well, both frontend and backend development are excellent jobs and bring in a handsome deal of salary.

However, backend developers are usually paid more in comparison with frontend developers.

Even though there is a little difference in the amount you can earn as a frontend vs backend developer, your decision to choose a career should not solely be based on the sum it gets you.

Factors like your skills, passion, and experience in your job also play a crucial part in how much you are paid.

To summarize:

Web development has always been an important domain in the world of technology and will continue to grow.

Both frontend and backend development is wonderful in their own way. With the growth of the technology sector and the increase in the number of people on the internet, web development job roles are in high demand.

If you are thinking about pursuing web development as your career, choosing between frontend and backend development is a vital part of the process.

How do you know which role suits you the best? Well, we hope we have helped you by listing the skills and responsibilities of frontend and backend developers.

Additionally, if you are more inclined towards aesthetics and designs, and have a passion for delivering a good user experience, frontend development might be the choice you are looking for.

In contrast, if you have always been an analytical person with a keen interest in working with databases, libraries and are not afraid to take on complicated programming languages, you might think about choosing backend development as your career choice.

Irrespective of what you choose as your job role, both frontend, and backend development is significant in website development.

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